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Social Responsibility

Today, the success of business is assessed not only by its share price but also on the basis of economic, cultural, social and environmental impacts. The Cygnus Group takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously. The company conducts all its business in such a way that its values and actions are aligned to the expectations and needs of its stakeholders and society.

  • The group maintains ethical behavior and transparency in all its dealings
  • The group ensures that none of its activities has any negative impact on Mother Nature.
  • The group believes in social work and is associated with various social and religious trusts and organizations.
  • The group sponsors free eye-check camp and operation of cataract on regular basis.
  • The group also sponsors free education, food & books for under privileged children.
  • The group has strong Public Relation setup connected with every field related to Industrial & Social life.
  • The group distributes free school text books to underprivileged children.
  • The group always takes initiatives in spreading our culture throughout the globe.
  • The group participates in several Yagnas, some of them being the biggest in the history of mankind for the betterment of society.
  • The group honours the freedom of our country and actively promotes patriotism. On one such occasion the group took initiative to honour all living and legendry freedom fighters by bringing them to a single stage where more than 3000 living freedom fighters were present from across the country.
  • The group regularly participates and contributes to several social causes and is associated with several social organizations.